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What if your child was stricken with 200-300 seizures a day and nothing you did helped?  What if your doctor said, “there is NOTHING more for us to do,” and you found yourself at the end of your pharmaceutical rope”?  Can you imagine caring for your child every day but not meeting him/or her until they were 10 because their seizures robbed them of their personality?

How far would you go to give your child relief?

Cannabidiol (CBD) Stops the Progression of Epilepsy

Meet the Stanley family and the two young epilepsy patient’s (and their parents) for whom they grow a special strain of cannabis plant (high in cannabidiol) that is used to make cannabis oil they take to help control their seizures.

Each of the young patients profiled in the video have had a 99% or better reduction in their seizures as a direct result of the cannabis oil made for them by the Realm of Caring (

Realm of Caring – Marijuana Pioneers

The Stanley family, the founders of The Realm of Caring are pioneers in the cannabis industry and have done much to bring legitimacy to the marijuana plant and cannabis industry.  They are currently growing a plant with 17% CBD and negligible amounts of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis.  CBD is a potent anti-oxidant, neuroprotectant and analgesic.  In addition to helping reduce epilepsy related seizures, CBD is also being recognized for its benefits to those with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer,  antibiotic-resistant infections, alcoholism, PSTD and neurological disorders.

Cannabis Science

Cannabis science has barely scratched the surface of all the ways the cannabis plant can help ease and reverse human suffering.  Please share this story with anyone you know who is willing to listen!



  1. What a wonderful story. Why don’t more people know about this? Can you imagine the lives that could be changed for the better if such a medicine was available to all children with severe epilepsy?

  2. CBD is a true rock start among cannabinoids. As you mention in the post, it is helping people with so many different types of issues. Thanks for sharing this video. The Stanleys set the bar high!

  3. I have had Epilepsy for 35 years. The medications that I have been on work to control the seizures, but the long term effects have led me to the decision to use cannabis. I am waiting for my card to arrive in the mail now, but am having a very hard time finding information on how much, what kind, how often, etc. Can anyone help me?

    • Yes, the folks at the Realm of Healing have been very successful in helping patients with Epilepsy. You might try contacting them.

      We look forward to hearing more about your journey. If you would like to connect with us directly, you may email us at We hope you get the relief you need.

    • Yes, the Realm of Caring has success in helping those with epilepsy. You may want to reach out to them for information and advice.

      If you would like to contact us directly, you may do so at We hope you get the relief you need and continue to share with us your story and journey.

  4. jerry kunzler says:

    watched “weed” with dr. gupta…touching and interesting…good work, Stanley brothers, on both the thc and cannabinoid fronts…after watching, I did some reading…came across some info on URB597, (slows enzymatic breakdown of endocannabinoids), and Quinpirol, which mimics dopamine…alone, neither is particularly effective…combined there is a marked effectiveness…I thought of the unsellable weed that turned out to be a virtual wonder drug…if you added CBD to the mix of URB597 and Quinpirol, would it increase the effectiveness of the cocktail? with the heightened receptivity of the endocannabinoid receptors, it seems like flooding the system with CBD might increase positive effects.

    • Thanks Jerry for your great question. It is an interesting hypothesis that makes sense to me… but I don’t know. It does seem that in many cases, flooding the system with CBD provides beneficial results.

      • samson lee says:

        i would love to see the result of this new theory….it could be a bombshell….increasing the positive effect of CBD by mixing it with URB597… hope someone makes a research on this….

      • Samson Lee says:

        since charlotte’s web which is high in CBD and does not cause any psychoactive effect ,,. why can’t it be FDA approved? can this be push as a priority bill for legalization before (MARIJUANA-with high THC?)
        is there a study underway for CBD mixed with URB597 and Quinpirol as was suggested by Jerry?

        • Samson, the big problem is the Schedule I status of cannabis. While there are multiple ways to make CBD legal, my vote is for declassifying it altogether. Then it will be available to all people. And, research will be able to take place easily and freely to answer your question. I’ve tried to find out if a study is underway for CBD mixed with URB597 and Quinpirole but have not found it yet if there is. I do want to say how much more powerful whole plant extracts are versus the isolated cannabinoid. When you are using the whole plant extract, the other cannabinoids, terpenes and active chemicals work together to provide a much stronger therapeutic effect.

        • Samson is a good resrouce to see what clinical trials are in progress. Hope that helps!

    • Jerry – you raise an interesting question that has other readers wondering the same. Feel free to leave links for URB597 and Quinpirol. This is not something we have yet researched but there is no doubt that there is incredible opportunity for mixing whole plant cannabinoids with other plant-based chemical and pharmaceuticals. Often times, however, cannabis preparations are so effective on their own that adding other chemistry is not necessary. We will see what the future holds. But we do agree with you that flooding the system with CBD in certain cases increased positive effects!




    • Carol,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. I am really sorry to hear about your suffering. While I am not a doctor, and cannot say for sure if the high CBD oil like what Charlotte takes would work for you, their is compelling evidence to believe so. Cannabis works in the central nervous system and in the immune system to reduce swelling, oxidation and to reduce pain.

      Here is an article that may help you. It is about how effective cannabis is for helping manage tremors and rigidity in Parkinson’s patients .

      You may find relief from both inhalation and a cannabis oil. Just by chance if you live in California contact If you choose to experiment with cannabis, make sure you have someone with you who will not partake so you feel safe. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis. Remember a little can go a long way. Visit our Intake Methods page for more details.

      I hope this is helpful and you get relief quickly.

    • Carol,
      Please investigate Deep brain stimulation. I have had essential tremor for 20 years — had DBS performed last year. Great, great control of tremors — off of all medications.
      Please look at this.


  6. Hello,

    This article is very interesting, and I am interested if this treatment is available for chronic suffers outside of Colorado. My mom suffers from Migraine disease and fibromyalgia and I know this treatment would be perfect for her. Also what is this red card that I see people are getting?

    • Hello Sarah,
      Thanks for your comment. We are happy to have you as a reader. Check us out on Facebook too! If your mom lives in a medical marijuana state, look up a doctor in your area and get your mom a prescription. Find a dispensary that can talk knowledgeably with you about the chemical content of the different strains that they have. It may be a bit of trial and error to figure out what works for your mom but it very well may give her great relief. For pain you will want something high in CBD if you can get it. As for the red card, I don’t know. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for posting this report as it was very informative. I have seen the Sanjay Gupta CNN special and other reports as well, which speak to the medical benefits of cannabis oil in reducing cancerous tumors. My dad has tumors on his liver and my mother has tumors on her pancreas. We are in the process of undergoing treatment through conventional methods, but we are very interested in learning how to obtain cannabis oil for both my parents. How can we obtain this medicine for my parents as we live in Illinois? Also, which strain would be most helpful in reducing tumor growth? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Hello Alberto, Thank you for your feedback. I am terribly sorry to hear about your parents. That must be so stressful for you all. Please take a look at the rest of our website when you get the chance. Unfortunately to obtain cannabis legally, your parents are going to have to wait until Jan.2014. Here is some information about the Illinois law This link give you more of the specifics . I am sure more information will come available quickly. You might go ahead and state the marijuana card approval just as soon as possible so you are ready on the 1st of Jan. Here is a link to Rick Simpson’s website . It will give you information about how to make cannabis oil and information about the dosing. More than the strain, you really need to be looking for something that is high in THC and CBD for an oil. FYI cannabis oil high in THC is going to have some level of psychoactivity. The patient usually builds tolerance slowly over a 30 day period until they can tolerate a larger daily dose. From there 60 grams of oil is taken over the course of 90 days. It is most likely that cannabis oil will become available in your state when the law goes into effect. In the mean time, I encourage you to learn all you can. I wish my book was finished and I could refer you to that, but it is not. Visit this is the website for the Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice. This is a great article . I encourage you to order a copy of the Winter/Spring 2013 addition of O’Shaughnessy’s on the website. It is packed full of information about cannabis oil that will benefit you. I hope this is helpful. Best Wishes, Nishi

  8. I am 47 and have had migraines all my life making it hard to work and live a normal life. Pain meds make me sick and have horrible side effects. I also have Congenital hips displasia, So walking is now a problem to. Get very little sleep, sitting is only for short periods. I live in Canada. I need help. I have been trying to find out how I can use this type of product to live a better life. How can I gt help if the Canadian government doesn’t see this as helpful and better that all the addictive meds or harmful to my body. I would love to have someone email me to see how i can get help.

  9. Rachel Eskenazi says:

    My niece is 27 years old and has been suffering all her life with lennox gaustaut syndrome. She has more than 30 seizures a day and all the medications thru out the years have made her non-verbal and not being able to say or do anything. All the docters have told us there is nothing more they can do. We wtched the show with Dr. Gupta and are hopeful that medical cannabis is not legal in New York State. She is too fragile to travel to CO. Is there anything we can do to stop the seizures she is facing. Thanks for your feedback.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your niece. Here is what is going on in New York While it is not possible for you to buy cannabis legally in the state of New York, it could be soon but that is going to take some citizen involvement. Please contact the folks at the Marijuana Policy Project and ask how you can get involved in their lobbying and education efforts. They will be delighted to hear from you! Stories like this one help make a compelling case for legalization. It is highly likely that cannabis would be very beneficial to your niece.

  10. I sure do wish that I could find this oil that is so high in CBD. I am a cancer patient and am using what I call the Rick Simpson Protocol. The oil that I have will work but I think that I need higher CBD and lower amounts of THC. Where I live, there are no dispensaries. You have to know someone. What do I ask for next time I purchase oil. I have been on this protocol for 14 days now. I dont know if it is working but man I feel better, so that is a plus.

    • Hi Michael glad to hear you feel better. The high THC oil is generally associated with use by cancer patients. The high CBD oil is generally used by epilepsy patients. Unfortunately there is not enough research in this area to really know what to ask for – it’s all an experiment of sorts. Research indicates that when THC and CBD are present together the CBD is effective at dampening any of the potentially uncomfortable side effects of the THC and, that the two cannabinoids together maximize each of their individual therapeutic impact. If you are buying in a state where cannabis is legal, see if you can buy from someone who is having their oil tested for its cannabinoid and terpenoid levels. Terpenoids are a very important part of cannabis medicine.

  11. My husband has a form of Parkinsonism called Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). He is in constant and increasing pain. Opioids don’t seem to help much and have their own debilitating side-effects. He has also tried cortisone injections, physical therapy, Accupuncture, Botox injections, nerve block, various types of body work. We heard about Sativex which is apparently not available in the US. But there must be something similar that is available. He doesn’t want to smoke anything and he doesn’t want to get high. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Are there doctors or clinics or dispensaries you could suggest/recommend? His neurologist seems reluctant. I am assuming we want to get a high CBD to TCH ( or is it THC) ratio. Any help would be so appreciated, also anyone dealing with MSA who has ideas. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your inquiry. Regarding dispensaries, check out to find a dispensary near you. California NORML has a list of San Francisco area physicians Maybe one of them can be helpful. We do not know any of them and cannot speak to the quality of care they may provide nor their qualifications. Researching them and then interviewing them is a good place to start. Vaporizing is a safe alternative to smoking. It can provide immediate relief without the irritants and potentially harmful substances created when plant material is combusted. Getting “high” is different for different people. It could be as mild a feeling as being relaxed and peaceful in one’s body. The nature of the high is dependent on the users body chemistry, the chemistry of the plant material they are using and the amount of herb used. THC has MANY properties that would benefit your husband. THC is an strong pain reliever, anti-spasmodic, antioxidant, muscle relaxant,anti-inflammatory, and protects the nervous system. THC and CBD together are more powerful than either of them are on their own. Keep in mind that ingesting a product made with cannabis will magnify the psychoactive effect. When THC processes in through the stomach and then the liver it is converted to alpha-hydroxy 11 which delivers more psychoactivity. The other important factor to consider are the terpenes. These chemicals contribute GREATLY to the nature of the high and the therapeutic benefit of a particular cannabis sample. You are very lucky to live in California because you have access to tested plant material. This will make it much easier to figure out over time what gives your husband the maximum amount of relief. I have great respect for the work on Dr. Jeff Raber, owner of the Werc Shop, a cannabis testing lab. If I lived in California I would want to buy from a dispensary that used his lab for testing. They are one of the few labs testing for terpenes. There are a couple of others that are doing it too. You might call the to see if they can give you a list of area dispensaries that use them for testing. Additionally their website is a quality source of information. You might refer your husband’s neurologist to The Pot Book by Dr. Julie Holland It will give him/her a good starting point. You might also suggest that the neurologist do a quick search on This is a an online database of global medical research. There is a tremendous amount of research available there about cannabis and parkinsons. Also, visit the resources page of this website at At the bottom of the page are some excellent research articles. Google Scholar is also a good resource as is this link on the website of Americans For Safe Access . Circle back and let us know how you and your husband fare. We wish you both relief!

  12. Hi there. Amazing work/research, thank you. I live in Canada and a medical marijuana licence is difficult to obtain. I don’t need need this medicine myself (at least not yet!) But I know many who could benefit from it. I don’t smoke or use marijuana myself, therefore I may have more legitamicy debating the argument with authorities in my area in than the stereotyped “pot heads” who need the medication to live a better life. I would like to help if I can, my brother has schizophrenia and the medication he is on I believe hurts his head more than it helps him. Do you make the oil using traditional methods? Or is there a safer/better way? Thanks in advance :)

    • Thank you for the kind words. Hooray for you for being willing to speak up about cannabis. I admire your desire to help your brother and wish there was more I could do to support you in that. Please sign up for our newsletter. You have prompted me to add this schizophrenia to our list of blog topics. There is much to say about this topic as it is a highly complex issue that is not well understood at this point.

      In my perfect world we here at Chronic Relief would make cannabis oil using a CO2 extraction method from our organically grown cannabis. But we don’t. This website and blog come to you from Texas. The only things we have to sell are in our store at We are Amazon and Got Vape affiliates and have a few cannabis related downloads. When you buy from our store it helps support our educational efforts.

      You may find this newly posted blog to be of interest in your quest to learn more about cannabis oil.
      Our friends at Leaf Science recently published this blog that may also be of interest to you In my research for my upcoming book Chronic Relief, I’ve read several journal articles where the investigators also believe that CDB a non-psychoactive cannabinoid might provide relief to schizophrenics. Hope this is helpful.

  13. I am glad I saw this video.
    People always looked at me like I was nuts when I said that my seizures stayed away when I smoked pot and had taken myself off my medication.
    A year (or not even) after I quit smoking pot, I had 2 gran mal seizures (one resulting in chewing a chunk off the side of my tongue) and the other I was so physically and mentally drained from it that I slept for days and it gave me high blood pressure for a couple months (at 23 years old).
    Seriously considering going back to the way I was doing things before, especially since seeing this video.

  14. I’m 51, smoked weed from 15-41yrs of age. I was never a heavy stoner, just a few puffs a day when stressed. Quit smoking to appease my husband, and didn’t want my young children to find out. I was diagnosed at 42 as a Bipolar 1, rapid cycler, suffering also with PTSD, and ANXIETY. My life has turned into a nightmare!! I’ve been on so many pharmaceutical drugs, currently on Trileptal & Xanax. I’m having so many side effects. I am just coming out of a suicidal depression, I may not live thru another on of these. I’m desperate!! I live in Texas. Where do I go for help?? I want to live!! I have a 13 & 15 yr old. All I know is as a young adult I never had this illness, after stopping my intake of cannabis I’m now living with a diagnosis, and taking antipsychotic, anti-convulsant meds…..and the doctors don’t know how they work. Please give me info. Please help.

    • Hello My Fellow Texan. I’m sorry for your struggle. This sounds like an awful experience. As you know cannabis is illegal in Texas. However, it is fairly abundant depending on where you are. Do you think the meds are what has created the suicidal depression? Suicidal thoughts are a side-effect of Xanax. You might benefit from finding a doctor that has an integrated medicine approach. That would be someone who is not perscription happy, but instead is willing to look at you as a whole person, not just put a band aid over the problem by treating symptoms not the cause. A great way to find such a doctor is by contacting a natural pharmacy in your area – someone who does compounding or sells natural supplements as well as has a pharmacy. People’s Pharmacy in Austin may be a good resrouce regardless of where you live. You might go one step further to look for a pharmacy that carries neurotransmitter testing kits. Those pharmacies will have a list of doctors that they work with who are more advanced than the mainstream doctor. If I were in your shoes, I would have my neurotransmitters tested so you and your doctor really know what brain chemicals to balance. Zanax impacts your GABA neurotransmitters. It could be that the Zanax is creating an imbalance in your brain chemistry that causes all of these awful feelings you are experiencing. The Edge Effect is a book available in our store that might be helpful to you. It explains in laymen’s terms how our brain chemistry works and how different neurotransmitters impact our health and personalities. This book was a great help to me when I suffered a depression. A good doctor that understands how neurotransmitters work, will likely be able to help you wean off of those prescriptions safely and at the same time use nutritional supplements instead to get you back on track. If you are in a major city, you might benefit from connecting with one of the NORML patient support groups. Their is a wealth of knowledge within these circles. Cannabis has been shown to help relieve PTSD. Did you see our blog about that? It is also highly effective at relieving anxiety. I encourage you to join forces with TX NORML and the Patients Alliance for Cannabis Therapuetics. We will be lobbying the Texas legislature to change Texas cannabis laws. We have a long way to go but together, I think we can get there. Will you let us know how you progress?

  15. Ivis Sardinas says:

    I live in Florida, My husband has had parkinson’s disease for 7 years and does not take medication because of the side effects, has tried different medications but feels horrible after taking them, so he decided not to take anything. He used to smoke weed to relax when he has younger. He is now 65 and tried smoking it again but he gets paranoia. I have seen cbd oil been sold online a company called “cibdex” but I am afraid to order, don’t trust buying this online… Any recommendations? since we live in FLorida and have no access to Drs. here? Thank You

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s struggles.

      Paranoia can sometimes be related to a high THC content. You guys might 1st experiment with using a different cannabis sample and less cannabis to begin with. Using cannabis medically is very different than recreationally. Sometimes a puff or two will deliver a therapeutic result without the paranoia. Also, if you can find someone who is growing for patients, they may have plant material with CDB. Anything over 4% CBD should provide a strong dampening effect on the THC which may be causing the paranoia.

      Some of the ancient medical texts suggest pistachios, pine nuts, pine oil and lemon juice as an antidote to negative side effects of cannabis. This is not something that I’ve tried or something I have seen backed up in scientific literature but drinking some lemon juice in water or eating some pistachios seems like a harmless experiment to me.

      Using a vaporizers versus a pipe may also help too because it should make it possible to get more medicine in one drag without the unwanted tars – plus it’s more economical.

      As far as buying CBD products on the internet….it’s not something I would do.

      Did you see this link on our website? It will give you some tips on what to consider when buying cannabis oil.

      Also this may be of interest It talks about the neuroprotective benefits of Parkinson’s Disease. FYI THC and CBD together are much more powerful a medicine than either one of them on their own.

      I’m currently researching Cannabis Tea for my upcoming book. which may be something you would want to look into.

      The Dutch Office of Medical Cannabis in The Netherlands encourages their medical cannabis users to make their tea as follows:

      The Dutch Office of Medical Cannabis in The Netherlands suggests “add 1.0 g of cannabis to 1.0L of boiling water and let simmer for 15 min. Filter out solid parts by using a common tea-sieve. Tea can be consumed immediately or stored in a closed bottle in a refrigerator for up to 5 days” (Arno Hazekamp, 2007). It helps to add a little coffee creamer to the mix to improve stability. They suggest only consuming 1 cup per day. This will yield a lower THC product but a higher THCa (non-psychoactive) product which is thought to have immune modulating effects one of which is lower inflammation which is an important factor in treating Parkinson’s. There is little literature about tea but it is commonly used in Jamaica to support the immune system.

      It looks like Florida is moving towards legalization. This will make it much easier to get what you guys really need. I encourage you to get involved with the local NORML chapter and reach out to your elected officials to let them know what legalization would mean to you!

      If you like what we are doing here at Chronic Relief, I invite you to sign up for our newsletter at and engage with us on Facebook!

      Good luck to you both! I hope this is helpful.

  16. Hello, I have a 14 year old nephew in Chile who has been diagnose with an aggressive form of Leukemia, he is undergoing treatment right now but the results are not too favorable, recently doctors discovered cancerous cells in his optic nerve and one of the doctors recommended cannabis oil high in THC to be used instead of morphine as an alternative medicine. I live in Colorado and would like to know where if possible can cannabis oil be purchased, also if can be transported for medicinal purpose with a medical prescription without infringing any international laws or legal ramifications. your help and any advise you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and God Bless you!!

  17. Chris Finnegan says:

    5 yrs ago I had a stroke(wallenberg syndrome). I wasn’t diagnosed until two weeks after initial onset of symptoms, mainly because I didn’t seek any emergency medical treatment for a week. Very, very lucky to have survived the first night, I was only 36yrs old. I went through physical, speech and occupational therapy and truth be told I’m probably the luckiest person on the planet. I was back working and living a pretty normal life after 6months. I have no noticeable facial droop, my speech didn’t change and was only left with a small limp in my gait. I did however lose sensation to touch on the right side of my body from my shoulder to toes and my left side of my face. This lasted for about 6months then in the areas mentioned I had an itchy feeling that has turned into what I can best describe as a bad sunburn sensation 24hrs a day. If someone brushes against my skin it sends me through the roof but I can get punched in the same area and I don’t feel a thing. I’ve tried pain management and the best that they could come up with was Lyrica and that was my wonder drug for about a year. I topped out at 200mg 3xs a day and then the pain was back full force. I tried smoking marijuana a few times not knowing that it would have any effect on my pain level and was surprised when it worked better than the Lyrica. Currently I am not taking anything for pain, when I first stopped taking the Lyrica My pain level went through the roof to a 10. After 6months now I’d say it’s down to 7 or 8 daily. I guess my question is can you tell me a strain of cannabis that works best for thalamic pain syndrome(I think that’s what this pain is) or if you know of anything that I can do to get some relief. I really don’t want to start taking pills again but I don’t know how much longer that I can take this pain. Some more info on me – I have also had 2 heart attacks 1 year apart, 1 year after the stroke. I currently take Effient and Coumadin for a clotting condition that the doctors say caused the heart attacks. I live in Ohio so marijuana isn’t legal yet but it’s coming and I would like to be ready when it does. Any info that you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Chris, for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about your pain. My mother had a similar experience with Lyrica. It worked beautifully for the first month. Quickly it made her feel terrible and totally disassociated from her body and reality – it took her joy.

      Per your question about strains that address pain, it varies from person to person but you might try some of the purple strains such as Cherry Pie, Purple Kush, Grandaddy Purp, The Purps, Purple Erkel, Grape Ape, Purple Dragon, Strawberry Cough, to name a few. Blue strains may also be helpful such as Blue Dream, Blue Moonshine, Blueberry, Blue Cheese. The website is designed to give detailed strain information as well as customer reviews.

      A couple of things to keep in mind as you consider strains are:

      1) Different strains can have varying effects on different people.

      2) A sample of Blue Dream from one grower may be COMPLETELY different from the Blue Dream from another grower – don’t get too caught up in strain names. When cannabis becomes legal in your state, testing labs will pop up and you will be able to buy cannabis on cannabinoid and terpenoid content. This will help you discern which plant sample is best for you. I think you will find that the terpene profile will contribute greatly to your success in managing pain. Once you dial in on the THC and CBD percentages or ratio that works for you, the difference between plant samples may very well lie in the terpene profile.

      3) Because of your heart condition, please be careful with strains that are extremely high in THC and low in CBD. This could increase heart rate. A cannabis wise physician/practitioner will be able to help you figure out the right ratio of THC:CBD. THC and CBD are more powerful together than either of them are alone. A High CBD strain is considered to have at least 4% CBD. You will ultimately need to experiment with a few strains to figure it out. You may also find that it is helpful to rotate several strains and have a day time and a night time strain.

      4) Consider that sometimes less is more in the management of pain. Cannabis has been proven to be effective in the management of many different kinds of pain. However, some strains or too much of a certain strain has increased pain levels in some people. If you have that experience, either back off of your intake and/or try a different strain. Check out this article by Dr. Sunil Aggarwal about the clinical studies that look at cannabis for pain management.

      5) Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system in your body that helps manage your immunity and pain among other things. This is the system in the body which produces chemicals that mimic those in the cannabis plant (cannabinoids). The ECS is your internal harm reduction system. Click here to to learn more about the ECS. It what brings your body back into balance at all times. When this system is stressed, imbalance occurs and manifests as pain, dis-ease, or illness. The short story here is that you can support your ECS by feeding it the nutrients it needs to function. Those nutrients are essential fatty acids that your body cannot produce and must get from food. Those foods include hemp seeds, hemp oil, fish oil and chia seeds to name a few. By adding these nutrients to your diet, you will help boost your ECS – and likely reduce your pain level.

      I hope this information is helpful to you! Blessings to you. Nishi

      • Chris Finnegan says:

        Thank you very much for the information and prompt reply. Its very obvious to me that I have plenty of reading (learning) to do when it comes to THC vs EDC %s and their relationship to pain. And I’ve never even heard of ECS, so again thank you very much. Having chronic pain, just hearing from you with new information and hope made my day. To the staff and all of your readers, please have a Safe and Happy Holidays.

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