Vaporizer Pens Offer Stealth and Convenience

For those using cannabis as a therapeutic medicine, reducing smoke and maximizing medicine is important.  Smoking marijuana is the most widely used method, but it is the least effective mechanism.  Chronic Relief advocates the use of vaporizers to receive the maximum therapeutic benefits.  (See our page on the most common intake methods.)

Within the category of vaporizers, the fastest growing line are pen-sized vapes offering cannabis consumers a stealthy, convenient way to get high in almost any location or situation.  High Times posted an excellent article reviewing and rating 15 top vapor pens.  Their top rated being the Atmos Raw pen because of its easy pull and clearest taste.


  1. Atmos Raw – easy pull and clearest taste
  2. ThermoVape – easy to load, easy to clean, easy to activate
  3. G Pen – pulls great and delivers a very smooth, tasteful hit
  4. Trippy Stix (tied for 3rd) – clean dry burn and easy to fill

The rest…

Atmos Thermo
CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler
Fusion Osmosis
Omicron Persei
Omicron V2
Vaped Luxury Extract Vaporizer

See the full Vaporizer Pen Buyer’s Guide here:


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